We are so grateful for our customers and want to highlight some of our great partners and their success stories with ShoreBags. This is the first: Meet Blue Atlas Marketplace in their own words:

Liz + Susan at Blue Atlas Marketplace: 

Thank you ShoreBags for being an amazing partner! We fondly remember meeting ShoreBags during the January 2020 New York market. As we walked the halls looking for unique and special gift items, we loved  coming across the team at ShoreBags and your beautiful collection was a highlight of our experience at our first market.


We launched Blue Atlas Marketplace in April 2020 after years of planning to create a unique marketplace of gifts for corporate and personal gifting. 


Launching our business during the surreal year of 2020 we found many surprises -- but the amazing response of gifters wanting to connect with family, friends and clients was in abundance on a daily basis and especially for special gifting times including Graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day and the December Holidays.


We have been inspired by the countless number of small businesses that we have had a chance to partner with as we create unique gift packages -- the creative, beautiful and unique products we've found get us excited. We are also inspired by our clients --their interest to personalize gifts challenges us to create new ideas and special unique options.  


ShoreBags has been a strong partner from the beginning -- whether we are creating getaway gifts, wine gifts, boating gifts, doggie gifts, or graduation gifts, ShoreBags has the perfect product to compliment our gifts. ShoreBags has top-of-the-line products and amazing costumer service each and everyday. One special time was the week before Christmas (when everything was crazy busy everywhere) and we needed a couple more special bags for a client. Ali and the ShoreBags team took the time to search all over their warehouse to find these bags and assist us with fulfilling our clients wishes!  And, yes we got them, and on-time to make somebody's holiday extra special! Thank you Shorebags!

We begin 2021 with an overwhelming amount of excitement. Having gifted 1900+ gifts within the first eight months of launching, the new year is filled with enthusiasm for new gifts and creating more smiles for our clients and their recipients. 


Liz + Susan

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