Our Values

We founded ShoreBags on a set of values that direct everything we do.

Established in 2015 by owners who have been in the cotton canvas business for more than 20 years, our focus has always been on responsible sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices. We measure success by our impact on community and environment. Our priorities are people, planet and then, profit.

ShoreBags's mission is to produce functional and fashionable bags and accessories that reflect an active, outdoor lifestyle while sustaining an ethical production environment which benefits communities and environment.

Committed to Sustainability

Transparent and ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices are ShoreBags's  central values. We believe that great products are created with sustainability at their core, starting with the earliest stage of the product lifecycle. 

Our sustainability mindset begins with our materials and we responsibly source raw cotton and other materials.  

Canvas is produced from cotton spun into coarse yarn, which uses post-industrial cotton waste collected during the process of weaving and spinning. This waste cannot be used for finer cotton fabrics but is ideal for heavy cotton canvas. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber. It does not require excessive amounts of water, is drought-resistant and grows easily without pesticides or herbicides. 

Our commitment to renewable energy sources means continually auditing our operations to convert as many as possible to best sustainable practices. We actively encourage our customer community to participate in a sustainable lifestyle by packing domestic orders with a tissue liner reminding them to reuse the box and offering a list of suggestions. We engage responsible shippers and freight forwarders who participate in environmental programs and publish annual reports detailing their commitment to sustainability. 

 And starting in 2022, we're now offering carbon-neutral shipping on all packages. Working with high-impact companies, we're focussed on removing carbon from the environment, rather than offsetting carbon emissions with forest protection. 

We embed sustainability into our product design and partner with our vendors to produce them with optimized materials and minimum waste. Our family factory is an active partner in bringing new products to market. By evaluating resources, workflow, and demands on energy and supplies, they supply critical information to product development. 

Beyond materials and best practices, our commitment to sustainability extends to communities, including those we employ.  

Empowering Women

ShoreBags is 100% minority-woman owned and we're committed to supporting and empowering women in everything we do. 

As part of our dedication to building community, we strive to employ at least 50% women in our family factory in India. Our factory program offers these women training and skills to advance in their professional and personal lives. 

By providing a fair wage and a stable, healthy working environment, ShoreBags unlocks new possibilities for women. Increased access to better nutrition and health care, foundational life skills, expanded training and professional knowledge, and formal financial services -- all of these give women employees greater control over their lives.

Enhancing our support of women

In 2021, we're extending our dedication to supporting women by setting a goal of increasing the percentage of women who work in our factory. We will begin a program to bring more attention to the women workers who make our products. In doing so, we hope to amplify and share the personal input of workers in every product, and to encourage others to demonstrate the impact of women in business.

We've also identified women-owned businesses as our preferred collaborators and will strive to support them in every aspect of our operations. 

Environmental Impact

ShoreBags is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of humans on the environment. From our supply chain to factory operations to delivering products to the end user, we employ resource-efficiency standards to significantly reduce waste and pollution. By making a biodegradable and recyclable product, we contribute to the elimination of single-use bags and support legislation to outlaw them in all 50 states. 

In 2020, United Laboratories (UL) certified our products to be lead-free including all  materials, hardware and dyes.

Multi-purpose // Multi-use

With superior construction, quality and materials, our bags are created to last for years and are best suited to a variety of purposes. Multi-purpose bags are not job-specific; They eliminate the expenditure of additional resources needed to create new products, and conserve resources that are essential for environmental health.

Future Goals

Complete our certification processes to be recognized for fair-trade, upholding all human rights, and eco-friendly manufacturing

Increase the percentage of women employed in our company and those we partner with

Further reduce the use of petroleum-based products in all aspects of production and fulfillment

In accordance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, take urgent action to combat climate change including partnering with local initiatives to reduce human impact on the environment