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Our Story


 Sometimes a bag is just a bag, but we believe that a bag can also be a reflection of how you view the world. Our bags and accessories are not only beautiful and functional, but promote sustainable living for ourselves and the earth. Our eco-friendly bags are made from 100% heavy duty cotton canvas, which includes content from post-industrial waste. Aside from being 100% biodegradable, our bags are meant to be used every day for every purpose thus promoting elimination of plastic use and reducing its' impact on our environment. Having our own family factory gives us the ability to responsibly source raw materials and employ who we feel need to be empowered. By supporting ShoreBags, you are supporting transparent and fair supply chains and manufacturing practices. Our bags withstand tough wear and tear and last through years of rugged use. So, wherever the day takes you … you can count on ShoreBags to make you feel good, look good & do good. #ShoreBags #Evolveyourbag  

About Our Company

Our family has been in the cotton canvas business for over 20 years! ShoreBags was established in 2015 – and we’ve always had a strong focus on responsible sourcing, ethical manufacturing practices as well as intentional fashion. We are 100% minority women-owned and understand the stigma behind purchasing products produced in developing countries and the lack of oversight on labor practices in many facilities. As a result, we’ve built a business model that provides opportunities for women in impoverished communities and opposes unfair manufacturing practices of any kind. Read more about our values here.

Our mission is to produce bags and accessories that reflect an active, outdoor lifestyle where function and eco-fashion meet.

Got a design idea?  Owning our own factory gives us unlimited possibilities to customize and rework our designs and offer private label services to our clients, while having complete control of supply chain and pricing.  We love collaborations and would welcome your ideas on working together. Contact us anytime at