This Fresh+Local print on our Bazaar Totes is one of our bestsellers.

It is so telling that given where we are with the state of logistics, supply chain bottlenecks and other shipping barriers, this bag continues to resonate. When we released this print over three years ago, we saw the messaging as an ode to our wholesaler and retailer shops: island town gemstones, beach getaways, luxury hideaways, local shops that carry brands like ours for fashion wear and accessories. These businesses are the heartbeat of communities.

Locals love to shop and support other locals and tourists love to take a piece of local with them. It is a perfect and sustainable ecosystem. 

What does it mean for ShoreBags to "go local?" 

It starts at the factory level where we employ local workers from neighboring towns and communities. Staying local maintains predictability and dependability for our factory and at the same time ensures sustainable incomes for workers who don't have to commute far to work.     

Once our bags are on shore, we do the local thing all over again.

We start by employing local Indiana workers and creating opportunities for permanent working positions. But that's just fulfillment. When we customize and decorate our bags, whether it is embroidery, screen print, transfer or vinyl, chances are it will be done by one of our main vendors-- another woman-owned business local to Northwest IN. There was a time when we had our own printing set up and embroidery machines and dedicated staff that would perform these roles. But with the pandemic and challenges of having steady help, we pivoted to outsourcing this service to women who knew more than us about these decoration methods. By having these partnerships, we gained knowledge and strengthened our capabilities.

Going local saved our business and the others we partner with

We hope our wholesalers will continue the local impact they have by bringing the best of the best to their communities.  Just as we hope our retail customers continue to support small business like their local monogram shops, florists, pharmacists and other homegrown indie brands like ShoreBags who continue to elevate and push the envelope in high quality, ethically sourced bags and accessories. 

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