Tote bags are a multipurpose fashion statement that fitness buffs, mall-goers, and university students—to name a few—can’t seem to get enough of. Fanatics might chalk up their obsession to a unique print or specific function, though many will agree over universal reasons. If you’ve been considering your first reusable tote, you’ll quickly discover what all the hype is about.

They Complement Your Look No Matter What

Tote bag shoppers face an abundance of choices. Browse any online catalog, and you’ll more than likely come across an abundance of colors, patterns, and textures. Some higher-end totes boast a leather finish that brings your most sophisticated attire to life.


On the other hand, maybe you prefer something toned down. Tote bags are easily accessible, enabling fashionistas to explore simple canvas materials or limited edition designer statements.

They’re Reusable

Are you an eco-conscious shopper? If so, a tote bag is probably already on your list of must-haves. These adaptable bags serve a multitude of purposes—you can use them for whatever you please. They’ll make for a suitable everyday purse or plastic replacement at the market.


Whatever application you seek with a tote bag, you can rest assured you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

They’re Extremely Durable

Unlike their plastic counterparts, tote bags are made to last. They likely won’t need any special care to make it through a decade under your arm making hundreds of trips.


Most totes are made with robust fabrics such as canvas, denim, or twill that require very seldom cleaning or washing. Similarly, tote bag linings come in muslin, broadcloth, or cotton print.


Increase the longevity of your tote bag by refraining from overstuffing it. Run it through the occasional hand-wash and store it properly. Avoid cramming your tote bag into a jam-packed drawer. Instead, hang them on a coat rack.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

A typical tote bag will be made with cotton, a hypoallergenic and easy-to-harvest material that is entirely organic. Because cotton is a natural fibre, it’s also a renewable resource that is easy to recycle and produces a low environmental impact.


They’re Affordable

Unless you’re after a designer-made tote bag, these versatile fashion accessories are, more often than not, cost-effective. Not to mention, you’ll typically find them in most shops and make for an ideal birthday or Christmas present.


Canvas tote bags, in particular, take well to ink transfer. Print your favorite poem, a photo of your pet, or artwork, and you’ll have a piece in your wardrobe that is totally, uniquely yours.




If you’ve been watching tote bags rise to the top of the market, you’ll know it’s for a good reason. Tote bags aren’t just stunning and functional but promote sustainability by discouraging plastic use. The best totes are made with high-quality reusable materials that won’t compromise your look.


At ShoreBags, we believe your fashion statements are a reflection of how you interpret the world. Our biodegradable tote bags are just as trendy as they are renewable, with every purchase empowering women in rural communities. 



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