We love working with all our customers - the ones who give us complete creative freedom for their custom projects, and the ones who know exactly what their client wants. 

But we've found there is one key differentiator beyond customization that separates most successful repeating customers from ones who are successful only some of the time. That factor, in our experience, is proving value.

Customers who ask us to ship samples to their potential customers end up writing more orders than those who use only digital mockups to pitch their clients. This is because products that are actually high quality in person, like ShoreBags, present a lot of peace of mind for decision-makers. By sending samples, you eliminate the biggest barrier when it comes to finalizing corporate orders -- removing the worry about product specifics, especially about quality. With samples in hand, no one has to guess what the final product will look or feel like. And high quality goods like ours actually surprise clients, who may be used to cheaper mass-produced goods from China, especially at these price points. 

For businesses looking for corporate gifting solutions, the most difficult decision choosing merchandise is to find memorable items that the company can be proud of long term. Picking a wrong product sends the wrong message, embarrasses the company and is a huge risk for the decision markers managing these projects. 

As a sustainable company, we do not ship free samples, but we have no minimums on wholesale pricing, especially for sample orders. If you have a design in mind, we will find the best way to highlight your logo and drop ship samples directly to your clients as requested.

Please contact us for your next project - we look forward to becoming your exclusive bag vendor and are confident that our quality and workmanship will prove value and close the deal with your clients. We have expert in-house designers if you need help with design options and we can also beat any competitive pricing - just reach out!

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