We are so grateful for our customers and periodically highlight their stories and successes. We asked our friends Collin and Amanda at Line + Cleat a few questions about creating custom goods for their customers.
Line + Cleat is created and designed by husband and wife team, Amanda and Collin. With their love for all things preppy, each piece of the line is designed with a classic style in mind. Read how they decided to build a brand based on their own custom designs.
We're also highlighting them because we create custom products for brands every day and earlier this year, that included Line + Cleat.


What's the central idea or value of your brand? 

The core of Line + Cleat is to being the nautical style to every aspect of our customer's lives. We want our customers to fell they are living "life on the water" through all our products. From heading to the beach, entertaining on a boat, or just running errands with their coffee, we want those that love Line + Cleat to express their preppy / nautical style in everything they do. 

What made you decide to create custom, exclusive lines? 

Our brand is centered around creative, unique custom items for our customers. Every pattern we offer is one we designed ourselves, specifically for Line + Cleat. When we decided to move into creating our boat tote, we knew we wanted to have full creative influence over the final result as we do all other products in our collections. 

What was your experience working with ShoreBags to create a private label product? 

Working with ShoreBags to create our Summer Stripe Boat Tote was great. We were able to communicate our vision easily and truly partner with ShoreBags every step of the way. We wanted to create something that was true to our brand and ShoreBags really worked with us closely to make sure that the end result was exactly what we wanted to offer our customers. 

What's the value of creating something unique for your store?

Creating something specific to your brand or store is such a wonderful extension of your creative vision on to your customers. It allows your customers to have something unique that was created by you, for them. There is no better feeling than seeing your design come to life and resonate so well with your customers! 

Thanks Collin and Amanda! 

If you're interested in creating custom bags for your store, start by emailing info@shorebags.com

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