Have you heard?! It’s Plastic Free July!!

And it’s almost like this challenge was made for us! As a sustainable company that focuses on reducing the amount of plastic waste in our communities, and taking concrete steps to reduce our carbon emissions (read more here!), we are encouraging our ShoreBags fam to learn more about the movement, and hopefully challenge themselves to take part!

Being a conscientious consumer takes time, diligence, and begins with small steps that reduce our reliance on goods & services that utilize single use plastics. Making tweaks in our daily routines, for even one week, can help unearth alternatives that can lead to long term lifestyle changes, significantly reducing our impact on the environment. See below for our key takeaways & resources to help get you started! 

Step 1 Do Some Research 

This is literally in your hands!

 Some of our Favorites: @kokotheshop, @zerowastechef, @worthnotwaste, @cleancult

Step 2 Plan Ahead 

Small changes that have a big impact
  • Keep your reusable bags in your car or in a convenient location so you always have them when you need them
  • Take a reusable cup or water bottle every time you leave the house
  • Buy bulk goods & food, and take your containers with you
  • Get started

Step 3 Encourage Others

The more we talk about it, the better off we’ll all be!
  • Seek out those who are passionate about reducing their impact on the environment, and see how you can help
  • Share your successes with your friends, family & coworkers
  • Don’t be afraid to have the conversation; it may be hard, but the earth can’t speak for itself


Other ways you can help

  • Help the cause by sharing your plastic use trends here
  • Share your experiences on social media using the following hashtags: #plasticfreejuly #plasticfreeliving #sustainable #lesswaste
  • Challenge yourself one day at a time to use no single use plastics
  • Try to do a little better each day


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