If your tote bag is overflowing in your travel must-haves, it means two things. First, you’re probably going to have to wade through dozens of items to get to the one you’re after and second, your bag is doing its job.


Canvas tote bags are designed explicitly for the scatterbrained busy bee. However, running through a hairbrush, a handful of coupons, four different types of scrunchies, and a granola bar before ending up where you need to be, it may be time for a bag intervention!


Totes for Home


Are you visiting your parents over the weekend? Use your tote as a light away-bag that can carry essentials such as clothing, toiletries, gadgets, and perhaps a bottle of bubbly for mum and dad. Don’t worry about over-stuffing your tote—your childhood home is already chock-full of emergency favourites.


Totes for the Gym


Contrary to what Instagram Ads are telling you, you don’t need a £250 gym bag to hit the rowing machine or bench press. You won’t have to make it to your session unprepared when you can throw in a towel, pair of extra socks, water bottle, hair bands, and healthy snacks into your tote. You’ll be entirely gym-ready with less weight on your shoulders. Plus, who doesn’t look excellent carrying a tennis tote bag?


Totes for Class


If you’re a university senior, you’ll know the horrors of all-nighters and showing up late with only a notebook and pencil in hand. Fight the urge to show up looking straight out of a teen movie with a pre-filled tote bag—it’ll keep you from dashing through the halls in your pyjamas.


On the other hand, if you’re a punctual performer and love to walk into class organised, equip your box or cargo bag with additional compartments. You’ll never lose that lucky pen again.


Totes for When You’re Out and About


When do think of tote bags, do you think of canvas? News flash—totes can be as casual or formal as you want them to be. Show up to a yacht party with your boat tote in tow or be the stand-out party guest with a velvet shoulder piece.


If you’re all about being the life of the party, you can even walk in with a wine bag—classy and prepared!


Totes for Travel


Whether you’re taking a semester abroad or are finally chasing your dream Parisian holiday, nothing says c’est magnifique like a chic travel tote. Stash your carry-on must-haves in a fashionable weekender duffel and traipse the city like a true local with a modern field pack.


It’s the best type of accessory to store your old-fashioned map, sunscreen, travel dictionary, and gadgets. Can you say “seasoned traveller?”




With a profusion of tote bags now available on the market to suit your style and purpose, you’ll never be shortchanged for what you need. From classic boat to bodega, you’ll find yourself fitting in—or standing out of—the crowd wherever you go.


Shop a brand new boat tote at Shore Bags, where we pride ourselves on ethical, beautiful, and sustainable accessories! We want you to look as good as you feel while giving back to the environment with every purchase.

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