Coronovirus has shifted life as we know it, including how we use and value the things in our everyday lives. A recent New York Times article by Lou Stoppard ("The Phantom Handbag" July 15, 2020) describes how something as simple as a handbag can signify how our world is shifting and how (whether intentionally or not) we are making very deliberate fashion and lifestyle choices. We found 3 main takeaways that relate directly to ShoreBags' mission and purpose.

The Waning Appeal of Luxury Bags

1.) The traditional woman's accessory handbag may not completely be a thing of the past, but it certainly isn't a thing of the present. Right now all buyers, especially women, are finding on-the-go expensive accessories to be less useful and irrelevant given their current lifestyles. Since going out for a nice dinner or grabbing coffee with work colleagues isn't currently a thing and won't be for the next little while, formal accessories are losing their practicality and appeal. This is especially true for brands with single purpose or luxury handbags and accessories.

The New Trend in Women's Accessories

2.) As we all spend more time together as families we are finding it harder to keep things organized.  There is a conscious shift towards more functional and universal canvas type totes and handbags. Katie Hillier, former creative director for Marc by Marc Jacobs put it this way: "It always used to be about the work tote. What is that now? . . . The work-from -home tote is your backpack, or the bag that fits on your bike, or the bag that you take to the market or the grocery store or on the march." The shift favors lined bags (like our Bazaar, Bodega, Jute totes), and cross body bags with adjustable straps (like our Mini Audrey, Horizontal clutch, or Round Crossbody bags). It's about overall functionality -- practicality is more important than ever.

The Surge in Supporting Companies with a Mission

3.) We have all been through a lot in the past four months and shoppers are generally going through a little bit of 'soul searching'. Spending on luxury bags doesn't seem logical and being at home so much has made us all reevaluate the priorities in our lives. Ms. Hillier says, "Some people may have realized that they actually enjoy being at home, and that there are other things that they can spend their money on." People are increasingly mindful of how and where they are spending their money and are saving to purchase from brands that align with their values and beliefs. We are more likely now to support brands with a mission bigger than an expensive label--  the recent tumult in the world has underscored the need to care about causes greater than personal status. 

Why Sustainable ShoreBags are the Right Choice

At ShoreBags, we created our brand with commitment to environmentally conscious products, ethical sourcing and sustainability, as well as women empowerment through employment in our own factory.
None of these findings will change how we design, source and operate ShoreBags because our brand is built on these core values. Our brand tagline is  #evolveyourbag which is based on the idea that something as simple as a bag says a lot about how you view the world and your place in it.
Considering how ubiquitous bags are, a single new conscious buyer using a bag made from biodegradable, natural fiber like canvas or jute can greatly lower the carbon footprint and impact of harmful alternates like plastic, paper, or other multi use petroleum based totes.  In other words, choosing a reusable canvas bag can stop additional deterioration of the environment-- and in that way can change the world.  
We are glad that you are here and we hope that we continue to offer you functional, beautiful and ethical accessories for your active, busy and (hopefully) relaxing lives. Cheers from all of us at ShoreBags. 

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