ShoreBags is Seeking Social Media Partners for upcoming collaborations in editorial, style, trends, look books and brand promotion. Styled editorial shots will be used and promoted on our blog, website and on all social media channels. 


SM Partners are influencers and models who receive free products in exchange for quality styled, professionally shot photos of the bags and /or accessories. Partners will not be required to buy anything but may be offered special pricing on items they do wish to purchase or a special discount they can pass to their followers.

Partners must have:

  1. A deep interest in fashion, sustainable goods, eco-positive living, or travel.
  2. A public Instagram account to post their styled shots. We also love Pinterest and if you have an active dynamic Pinterest account, we'll consider that as well.
  3. An emphasis on sharing your story and being authentic with your audience
  4. Be willing to send all final shots to us for posting. We will add credit and a link to the Model or Partner with each styled shot if you’d like.
  5. Have at least 500 engaged Instagram followers.
  6. Work with a professional photographer OR be a skilled photographer yourself. We want magazine-worthy photos, not selfie-shots or casual amateur photos. See samples below.
  7. Quality, unique content is the key! Please have stylish, nice, bright photos, professional shots. Energy and artistry!

All submitted Instagram accounts are reviewed however we will not accept users who express violence, hate speech, political speech or sexual content.

Who we’re seeking: Moms, tweens and students, travel addicts and fashionistas. We’re especially looking for people of color and folks who can show our products integrated into everyday living: at the gym, on a road trip, toasting with friends, packing for school, heading to the park with kids etc.

As a SM Partner, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making an impact in the brands and products of minority women-owned businesses, startups and brands that speak to sustainability and an eco-positive lifestyle.

Major Seasonal Campaigns: Spring/Summer, Spring Break, Back to School, Fall/Winter, Christmas.

Editorial Campaigns: Sustainable living, eco-positive lifestyle, women empowerment.

What you get: Exposure, free products and maybe even discounts for your followers!


Send us your social media tag or provide us 3-5 high quality, styled looks you’ve created for yourself or other brands. Images must be bright, artistic, and show the products in the best light. Message us on social or send an email to


What We Look For:
Check the images here for some past collaborations or scroll our
Instagram (at)shorebags

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be 18 or over or have parents written consent to participate.
  • Must have a good following on Instagram or Pinterest
  • Must live in the US or Canada
  • Partners promote sales, product launches, campaigns and items in our brand’s shop.
  • Partners are not paid monetarily (we provide all products and pay for shipping)
  • Partners are not employees of ShoreBags.
  • Partners must NOT have Instagram posts with any of the following: Hate speech, negative political comments, sexual or sexually provocative content, lewd behavior photos, drugs or anything that represents negative and questionable behavior.
  • Partners are required to post reviews or images of the products we send if chosen and agreed upon. Any items not posted must be sent back within 3 weeks.
  • Each partner is required to provide at least 5 images of each item they receive
  • Partners are required to mention or tag ShoreBags’ Instagram account and website
  • As per the campaign outline provided to you per project, we ask that you use provided brand #hashtag with each product campaign.


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