We started our company to help reduce the amount of plastics in the environment and to create opportunities for women. Aside from being a 100% eco friendly and biodegradable line, we are proud to be 100% minority women owned and we strive to employ at least 50% women workforce in our family factory. As part of Women's History Month, we want to shine a spotlight on the working women of ShoreBags. 

Working Women

As the daughters of immigrants, we grew up watching our parents build a business from the ground up, so we understand the hard work and 24/7 mentality a small business demands.

One of our mission values at ShoreBags is to empower women and we believe providing sustainable employment and opportunities to women from marginalized communities speaks to this core value. We work to maintain at least a 50% women workforce in our factory. Aside from providing a fair wage and stable employment, we also provide a comfortable and safe working environment for all our employees, regardless of gender.

Leading by Example

Our passion for women empowerment is fueled by recent life changes for both of us. We're both now moms to little girls and that's given us more drive to lead by example and equalize the playing field however we can. This work encompasses instigating good that is tangible and transparent. 

Focus on Women

Last November, we took photos of many of the workers in our factory because we wanted to demonstrate the personal effort of these women in making our bags. Each bag is handmade in our factory and we wanted to show our customers some of the faces behind the product.  

Starting this month, we began enclosing a postcard in outgoing orders that highlights some of these women. It's a way to remind our users that each time they purchase and use one of our bags, they are supporting an entire team of women who make these bags.

Your orders give us the ability to continue the work we are doing and our entire team truly appreciates your repeated business with us.

—Nidhi and Manasi

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