Now that we're all starting to get together with friends and family (FINALLY!), we're passing along our favorite green tips for keeping it eco-friendly.



Try hand-making decorations decorations with materials you have on hand. This is a great activity for kids too!   



Buying local helps your local economy but also reduces the number of miles your food travels, which helps reduce our greenhouse gas emissions significantly! The more plant-based your menu is, the more sustainable it is as well. And of course, local fresh foods will be yummier!



If you don't need disposable / compostable / recyclable supplies, use your own dishes and silverware, which you can use again and again without waste. If you want to avoid dishes altogether, consider serving finger foods only, which will cut down on the after-party clean-up too!



Resist the urge to make everything new and perfect. Everyone has a box or drawer of half-burned candles -- use these in small dishes or holders. You'll be utilizing a resource you have on hand without the expense of buying something new. 




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