ShoreBags is a sustainable brand not only because we use eco-friendly raw materials to make our bags, thus lessening burden on Mother Nature, but also because we support local employment and provide meaningful opportunities in impoverished communities.


In today’s global ‘one-click-free-ship’ marketplace, foreign competition is high. This means that consumers are benefiting but local supply chains are suffering. Companies dependent on off-shore materials and manufacturing have little to no incentive for employing local labor and paying fair wages as those can be easily replaced with cheaper alternatives in another economy or facility that permits unfair wages and/or condones child labor practices.  ShoreBags makes a conscious effort to keep our supply chain as transparent as possible. We know that the only way we can control how our products are made is by having our own manufacturing plant. This gives us essential quality control and allows us to choose who's part of our labor force.  


ShoreBags is a sustainable brand because we promote local economies and opportunities, particularly for women in disadvantaged communities. We strive for at least 50% women workforce at our factory. Employment for our workers signifies financial independence as well as better access to nutrition, education and health care. In deprived communities, employment and a fair wage can mean a sustainable lifestyle that provides opportunities for our workers and their families. 


Thank you for supporting our brand and in turn our sustainability initiative.

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